Women Empowerment Through Art

Kaynouna has developed initiatives to reach refugee children and women in the Arab world. ‘Bring Your Frida On’ is an art therapy initiative that has reached thousands of refugee children living in refugee camps or within communities in dire need for support and help. Children who experience long term trauma (seeking refuge, becoming a refugee and then trying to find a way out) lack the opportunity to develop mentally and emotionally, that is why this initiative gives them the chance to experience themselves in a private safe space that allows them to grow, express and contain feelings in a healthy and creative manner.

Women are taught at a very young age, no matter where in the world they are, to sacrifice their needs and feelings; a ‘good enough woman’ or a ‘good enough wife or mother’ is a woman that puts her family and others first. Right? Wrong. Selfiekuna which means ‘Be Your Real Selfie’ in Arabic – is a Kaynouna initiative that started out as an online contest in 2017, and transformed into an ‘on the ground’ initiative that has reached thousands of refugee and underprivileged women in the Arab world.

Women are able, through Selfiekuna art psychotherapy groups, to connect to their female element- an element that is hiding behind culture, religion and appropriation of women’s role within society.

The workshop, will tell a story of females and women in myth and history, and will help participants uncover their own female element and empowerment. Are you ready to uncover your internalized imaginary shackles? Shackles that have stuttered the growth and flourishing of generations of women, including yours and mine!

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