Proposal Submission Procedures

The theme of the conference is ‘Harmony in Diversity’. As we all know, art has healing effects across different cultures, regions and groups. What are the differences among them? How and in what aspects do the elements of ‘Harmony in Diversity’ bring you a new perspective and vision to understanding art therapy? How do these new elements apply to different people?

The 2019 ICAT committee looks forward to receiving proposals from presenters from all over the world, and will carefully screen for exciting, unique and cutting-edge report contents, in order for the conference to strive for excellence, creativity, and perfect display of the spirit of ‘Harmony in Diversity’.

The committee especially seeks for presentation topics on:

  • The use of art therapy on children with special needs/disabilities
  • The use of art therapy in healing psychological trauma
  • The use of art therapy in hospital settings
  • Sharing of original treatment techniques/models
  • Sharing of multi-cultural/multi-disciplinary therapy work
  • The use of technology/artificial intelligence and art therapy

Proposal submission:

Please submit your proposal together with the following information by email (maximum size of 20MB) to

  • Personal information:
    • First name, last name and title
    • Affiliation
    • Contact details
    • Personal profile
  • Personal information of co-presenters, if any
  • Title of the presentation (20 words maximum)
  • Proposal body (500 words maximum)
  • Photos or media files to demonstrate work if relevant
  • Bibliography if relevant

Important dates:

  • Deadline for proposal submission: 30 June 2019 (5:00pm GMT+8)
  • Result release: 14 July 2019 (5:00pm GMT+8)
  • Conference registration deadline for presenters: 31 July 2019 (5:00pm GMT+8)

Presenter registration to the conference

  • All presenters are offered a 50% discount for conference registration. Once you receive an email of proposal acceptance, you may register here.
  • All presenters should fill out the registration form carefully, providing details about:
    • The maximum attendees to your presentation (if relevant)
    • The materials you wish the conference to provide for your presentation
    • Language of delivery of your presentation (English or Chinese)

Presentation guidelines

  • Each presentation should be within one-hour in length (please allow time for translations to take place, which could take up half of the presentation time).
  • Presentation can be in the form of oral presentations or mini experiential workshops
  • Presenters must ensure originality of all work presented
  • Presenters must have received consent from any clients/patients before presenting their work as case sharing at the conference
  • Presenters should expect photographs and videos to be taken during the presentations


Should you have any questions, you may contact us at

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