Ms. Yael Livneh’s Workshop

Water Play Therapy (WPT): The Secret of Water

This innovative approach of Art- Expressive -therapy utilizes water as a main medium with which clients can express their feelings and project their personal narratives in an accessible and non-threatening manner. The use of water, colure, symbolic- Items,   has been successfully applied with children who suffer from sensory processing disorders, communication problems(Ruth E.1952,Verneer 1955),with adults that suffers from attachment deficits and social anxiety and trauma . However, there has been no clear procedure that accounts for WPT. I have developed a WPT protocol that has shown to be efficacious with clients  who suffer from affect-modulation difficulties. In this workshop we will provide the rationale for WPT and describe step-by-step the procedure .

 The objectives are:

  1. Participates will learn the WPT procedure.
  2. Participants will be able to apply the WPT with a variety of clients.
  3.  Participates will learn to analyze symbolic narratives related to the “water world”.

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Citation: ” The repetitions and somewhat nature of water-play together with the soft and yielding quality of the material may account for its relaxing effect on tense and overactive children. it demand no special skills and involves no achievement goals may explain why it neither threatens nor thwarts the anxious child who cannot take the pressure of social contacts or the adult-directed use of other materials. Again, its mild yet pleasurable sensory qualities afford withdrawn, constricted youngsters stimulation without excitement…” ( Source – “Understanding Children’s Play”, by Ruth E. Hartley, Lawrence K. Frank, Robert M. Goldenson , Publisher- Columbia University Press, Place of publication- New York, Publication year: 1952, Page Number – 174).   

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