Ms. Lynn McKnight’s Workshop

Is There Truly Harmony in Diversity?

What is your culture? How do you describe yourself within your cultural context? How do you interact with people outside of your culture? Religion? Language? This workshop will give you both personal and professional insights into how and why we hold onto our prejudices without realizing it, and ways to let go and look at other cultures from new and unbiased perspectives. In this fun experiential workshop, we will have the opportunity to speak candidly with others from cultures different than our own, share life experiences that have shaped our beliefs about other cultures, and be honest with ourselves about the possible discrimination as well as the privileges we have each experienced on our journeys. We will come together to create small-group artwork to symbolize our desires for harmony within our diversity and finally end with one big group experiential to celebrate the journey we will have taken.


Lynn McKnight has been active in the fields of art therapy, addictions, and mental health for over 30 years. As the director of counseling and assistant professor of behavioral science and neuroscience at the American University of Antigua College of Medicine, as well as the director of the Expressive Arts Therapy program at Crossroads Center, she is uniquely qualified to address cultural diversity and harmony. She facilitates expressive arts therapy experientials, ethics seminars and cultural diversity workshops with a wide variety of students from countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, China, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, America, Mexico, Thailand, Palestine, and Israel, often within the same group setting. She has received rave reviews on her ability to help clients and students see from others’ perspectives and come together as fellow human beings with similar dreams, desires, and goals.

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