Ms. Krupa Jhaveri’s Workshop

Rituals for Resilience

How do mindfulness and intention support our creativity?

What is the role of the body when we create art?

How do nature-based and indigenous art traditions help us remember our innate capacities?

Can we restore meaning by adapting ancient artistic rituals for our everyday empowerment?

The sacred mandala, henna (natural temporary tattoo) and kolam (drawing on the earth with rice powder) are the tools originating in Indian culture which will help us answer these questions together. Each of these art forms will be introduced and explored for their therapeutic value, both personally and collectively. A presentation about ongoing art therapy journeys in India will also be shared to give a context for how these tools were developed. The hope is that this session will inspire participants from any culture to reconnect to the ancient arts in their own lineages and source tools to help us all heal, grow, connect and evolve with harmony in diversity!



Group Mandala

Intro/demonstration of Kolam

Practicing Kolam





Henna Process

Slide Presentation



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2016 International Conference on Art Therapy
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