Mrs. Cornelia Elbrecht’s Keynote Lecture

The Arts as Body-Focused, Trauma-Informed Therapies

Trauma is part of life, and so are healing and recovery. Each of our different cultures has developed effective healing approaches, some of which are thousands of years old. The Eastern-Western paradigms allow us to learn from each other. Meditation, Buddhism, Confucianism, Tai Chi, martial arts and the I Ging have become treatment options in the West, while Western approaches such as Psychology, Gestalt Therapy and the arts in therapy are gaining importance in the East. Bridging various cultural experiences is the theme of this conference. Using the arts and movement therapies with a body focus to heal trauma is universal as well as culturally specific. Recent discoveries in neurobiology and neuroscience have given us a deeper understanding of the value of age-old healing modalities. These scientific insights allow us to apply body-focused modalities and the arts as trauma-informed therapies with increasing effectiveness.

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