Dr. Cathy Malchiodi’s Keynote Lecture

Expressive Arts Therapy, Health and Wellness: A Four-Part Model for Healing Centered Engagement

There is a continuum of expressive arts (visual art, music, dance and movement, drama, play and imagination) approaches that are now being validated through neuroscience (study of the brain) and neurobiology (understanding of the body). While the brain and body inform our understanding of expressive arts, there is also a deeper cultural and anthropological foundation as to why the arts are effective agents of healing and wellness. This foundation falls into four basic areas—movement, sound, storytelling and silence. These are practices that have been part of how humankind has addressed trauma and loss since the beginning of recorded history. This keynote presentation will explain the relationship of these practices and their relevance to our current understanding of principles of healing centered engagement, trauma recovery and “bottom-up,” brain-wise strategies for health and wellness.

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