Central Academy of Fine Arts – School of Arts Administration and Education

  The Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Art Management and Education was established in 2015 and is the eighth professional branch of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. It covers a wide range of subjects such as art, management, economics, and education in disciplines and majors. There are 22 faculty members in the college. The teaching department consists of three parts: the undergraduate teaching department, the art management department and the art education department. There are also the National Academy of Art and Culture Policy, the Art Education Research Center and the Museum of Fine Arts. Research institutions such as curating laboratories are matched with them. Professor Yu Ding is the dean, Yang Jie is the party branch secretary directly under the college, Professor Huang Yong and Professor Zhao Li are the deputy deans of the college, Professor Chen Shuxia is the head of the art education department, and Associate Professor Zhou Qing is the head of the undergraduate foundation course construction.

       The School of Arts Management and Education advocates the educational philosophy of “Practicing the Prosperity and the Empty Narrators” under the motto of “skilled and generous”. In the field of art management and art education, we will build a leading domestic and international first-class innovative college. Since its inception, the College has built a framework of “double-class” disciplines based on the three disciplines of art, management and education, cultural economics, art exhibition and planning, art industry management, art museum management, and museum public art education. Professional construction and teaching and research work in the fields of higher art education management. Under the concept of “innovative education”, the college curriculum focuses on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive professional quality and practical skills, fully integrates the teaching resources of the whole school, attaches importance to multi-disciplinary comprehensive basic teaching, and adopts modern open-ended teaching. Teaching replaces traditional closed teaching, actively carries out studio teaching and practical courses, and cultivates artistic management and educational innovative talents with international vision and adapting to the future development of Chinese culture and art.

       The Central Academy of Fine Arts has established art management and art education majors in 2003 and 2002 respectively. After more than ten years of professional construction, it has a complete set of teaching standards and disciplines. And formed an international team of professional teachers. The existing faculty of the School of Art Management and Education consists of three parts: the in-service and hiring of teachers, the teachers of other branches of the school, and the international teachers. It is divided into two major categories: professional teaching and industry practice teachers. In addition, the college also employs internationally renowned scholars and experts as visiting professors to open up their horizons with an international perspective, to teach international experience through English-language courses, and to explore the frontiers of art management and art education in the context of global vision and cross-cultural communication.

The School of Art Management and Education has always adhered to the international school-running philosophy, with the City University of London, the University of Columbia, the California College of Art, the Christie’s College of Art in New York, the Royal College of Art, and the School of Culture and Media Management at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. The School of Economics of the University of Bologna, Italy, has established a cooperative relationship, which has cooperated in many aspects such as teacher exchange, student exchange, organization of overseas study and study, and the establishment of spring and summer college courses, which fully guarantees the curriculum and teaching. Methodological internationalization. In 2014, the School of Art Management and Education began to explore the possibility of cooperating with international colleges and universities. In the field of art management, it represented the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the establishment of the “School of Chinese and French Art and Design Management”; in the field of fine arts education, and the education of Columbia University in the United States. The college cooperated in the preparation of the “Art Education Leadership” and cooperated with the Doctoral Program.

In addition to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the college also conducts a series of high-end talent training courses for relevant professional staff. In the field of art management, since 2004, the “Art Appreciation and Art Institution Management” advanced seminar has been held to recruit art management related practitioners and people interested in art appreciation and market and collection. Up to now, the high-level seminar has enrolled 11 students, with more than 500 graduates, which are widely distributed in China’s most important galleries, auction houses, art fairs, art investment funds, private art galleries, government enterprises and institutions, etc. Relevant cultural industry institutions have greatly expanded the influence of the art management profession of the Central Academy of Fine Arts to various fields of the art market and the cultural industry. In the field of fine arts education, since 2011, relying on the rich academic resources and teaching achievements of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, our school is responsible for hosting the “National Training Program for Primary and Secondary School Teachers” initiated by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. “, to undertake the training of the primary and high school art backbone teachers and teaching and research personnel in the country, has successfully completed the six “National Training Program” mission, and trained nearly 1,000 outstanding art backbone teachers and teaching and research staff.

In addition, the School of Art Management and Education of the Central Academy of Fine Arts also represented the Central Academy of Fine Arts in completing major national cultural and artistic exchanges and national cultural image overseas communication projects, including It has successfully held three important sub-brands of the “Happy Spring Festival” of the Ministry of Culture – “Happy Spring Festival • Art China Exchange” New York series activities (2015-2017), “Art Industry Park Development Forum” (2016-2017), the first ” The East Asia Ocean Cooperation Platform • East Asian Art Development Forum (2016), the “International Symposium on Social Innovation for Social Education” (2015), and many international academic activities and exchange programs have also promoted the Academy. Double-class discipline construction and international influence development.

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