Ms. Krupa Jhaveri


Ms. Krupa Jhaveri

Krupa is an international art therapist, art director, artist and founder of Sankalpa: Art Journeys based in Auroville, south India. Born in the US and of Indian ethnic origin, she is a living bridge between cultures through art. Krupa is a TEDx speaker and PhD candidate in Expressive Arts (EGS).

The mission of Sankalpa is to provide art as a tool for empowerment, insight, connection, growth and healing – bridging village youth and women in south India, the international community of Auroville and facilitating exchanges around the world. Community art outreach is offered with a mobile Art Cart, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to overcome fear in their creative process. Individual, family and group sessions are offered in the Sankalpa Art Center, a hub for expressive arts therapy based in Auroville.

Sankalpa Sacred Arts

        After working on more than 100 children’s books and trade media as an Art Director in publishing in NYC, Krupa found her passion in service, art and healing. With formal graduate Art Therapy training from the School of Visual Arts, she has experience working with children and women with HIV/AIDS, in child protection, as a certified Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy consultant, cross-cultural social justice work through the arts, mindful art-making, and the combined practice of Art & Yoga. Krupa is an Ambassador to India for Art Therapy Without Borders, with specialized research on the therapeutic experience of traditional and sacred Indian art forms including kolam, henna, embroidery, and mandalas. She continues to investigate the links between intention (sankalpa), ritual arts and resilience in humankind.


        Born in the US and of Indian ethnic origin, she is a living bridge between cultures through art. As an art therapy gypsy, Krupa  travels, presents and teaches regularly throughout Asia, America and Europe. Krupa is currently a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, documenting her work in Expressive Arts: Therapy, Coaching, Consulting & Education, Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding. Krupa’s TEDx Women talk on “Art as a Mirror” can be viewed online.

Mandala Revisit

        Krupa enjoys rising with the sun to offer a kolam or traditional ground drawing with rice powder in front of her bright blue shipping container home in Auroville.

Kolam Magic

Workshop Description

Rituals for Resilience

How do mindfulness and intention support our creativity?

What is the role of the body when we create art?

How do nature-based and indigenous art traditions help us remember our innate capacities?

Can we restore meaning by adapting ancient artistic rituals for our everyday empowerment?

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